"Healthy PR have worked with Dr Falk Pharma for nearly four years and during that time they have helped support the product portfolio and corporate objectives in a number of tactical ways.

Utilising their extensive contacts within the media they helped developed media campaigns related to core projects and maximise the impact of these in a way not previously achieved."

Marketing Director, Dr Falk Pharma UK

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Welcome to Healthy PR…

At Healthy PR, we don’t just do medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare PR. Our unique experience and knowledge built up from years of working in health journalism and PR means that we can offer a wide range of media services across the medical, pharmaceutical and consumer health sectors.
We can design and build your E-newsletter and create the content to fill it, take care of your Twitter and Facebook account, create sparkling copy for your brochures or update your website. You can even ask us to advise on your in-house media strategy, provide staff training or organise seminars with key health journalists

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